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Top 4 places to visit in Bucharest

The Old Town

Our Co-Living is quite close to the Old Town of Bucharest. It's a nice location with many restaurants and bars that you can enjoy at all times. This is the place where the earliest settlements of the city were built back in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Having so many historic buildings means you will also have a chance to take great photos and check different contrasts between new and old. Some popular places to visit here are National Musem of Romanian History that shows royal treasures together with Curtea Veche.

Cismigiu Gardens

If you like nature and want to escape the chaos of the city the Cismigiu Gardens are a perfect place to relax. They were first opened in 1847 and they are the oldest public gardens of Bucharest. If you are traveling with your boyfriend or girlfriend it's going to be even better to go there for a visit. It has a romantic vibe and you will be surprised by the different types of plants that you can find lying there.

Palace of the Parliament

Another cool location that we added and is near to our Co-Living is the Palace of the Parliament. This is one of the main tourist attractions that Bucharest has to offer. After the Pentagon, this is the second-largest administrative building that exists currently in the world.

It has more than 3000 rooms and it was constructed from steel and marble. At its construction, more than 20000 workers and a few hundred architects worked together to bring it to life. The result is a huge building that stands out like nothing you have seen before.

Village Museum

The Village Museum shows the origins of this country. In Bucharest, we are lucky to find it in the north region of the city. The best way to explore the diversity of Romanian villages is to go there.

Near it you will also find a huge park that you can explore as well. Both are going to bring something for sure towards you. That is a good time and some great spots to see.

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