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it's all about community 

Vine 21 is a Co-Living space designed to host all kinds of creative people, and by staying with us you'll get to meet digital nomads, remote workers, slow travelers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and artists from all over the world.

We are community oriented and as a resident you will be able to join a lot of cool events : community dinners, board games nights, movie projections, nights out, cultural events, sports & group activities of all kinds. 

Being in a capital, we try to find the balance between enjoying the space and exploring the city and its hidden gems.


Our house is located in Bucharest’s city center, but still away from the agitation of the old town, in a really charming residential district, where you will find everything that you need : parks, bars, restaurants, shops.


Our Co-living space has a total of 12 private rooms and the common spaces are shared with the other residents : kitchen, living room, dining room, 4 bathrooms, outside terrace.

Most of our residents having a work schedule to commit to, we offer around the space plenty of work-friendly areas, including a 10 seats coworking space.

We are flexible and our model allows you to take part in our community from two weeks to a few months. Come join us in the wild wild east 🙂


We are a community space. Even though we value privacy and personal time, come to our Coliving if you are looking for a social experience and for meaningful interactions with other residents 🌱

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